waxing in bishop, california

We know it is important to you that you feel safe and secure with your waxing providers. Holly, Licensed Esthetician, provides a clean, private and friendly atmosphere where you can enjoy your wax!




Face (lip, chin, brows)…$36






1. If it’s been a while (or it is your first wax) do some trimming.
Your hair should be at last ¼ of an inch (that’s about the length of a grain of rice).

2. Prep your skin by doing a gentle exfoliation 24 hours prior. This helps lift dead skin cells and unclog pores that can cause ingrown hairs.

3. Wait at least a week after your period so you aren’t more sensitive.

4. No tanning beds or sunbathing 24 hours before your wax service.

5. You can take an Ibuprofen 1 hour before your appointment it may help reduce some discomfort. You can also apply a numbing cream 30 minutes before if you want to. Always consult a physician before taking any kind of medication.

6. If you are on any medications, please let me know.  Some medications and supplements can make waxing riskier because it can cause thinning of the skin, busing more easily or other side effects.

7. Wear loose clothing to your appointment and avoid tight fitting clothes and exercise for 24 hours. This helps with less irritation and ingrown in the waxed area.

8. Waxer’s have many different techniques. You may be asked to get on all fours to get the butt crack hair – just want you to be mentally prepared.

9. Avoid intimate contact, saunas and jacuzzi for 24-48 after wax. Remember waxing is an exfoliating process. There is higher risk because there is an empty follicle – rubbing or perspiration can cause irritation. YOU can shower but don’t take a bath right after a wax.

10. For best results don’t shave between waxing appointments.

11. Wax every 4-6 weeks.

12. Moisturize daily.

13. Try a Vagacial (A bikini facial). It can help reduce redness, inflammation, ingrown hairs, and hyperpigmentation.